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February 15, 2024 Chapter Meeting

Heat Pump Chillers to Replace Boilers

Decarbonization entails various strategies to reduce direct and indirect carbon use related to mechanical systems – and electrification of heating is a key pillar in this effort. This presentation will detail how vapor compression chillers can be utilized to recover or source heat from air and water to replace fossil-fuel based boilers which are the incumbent source of heat for many buildings. You will learn about heat pump fundamentals, calculation of COP and its relation to heating cost, system sizing recommendations, and common equipment arrangements.

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Mihir Nandkeolyar is the Channel Manager for YORK Heat Pumps and Chillers at Johnson Controls, in Canada and the Midwestern United States. In prior roles, he has lead Chiller Applications Engineering teams for both North America and the Middle East. He has been with Johnson Controls for over 10 years primarily in the chiller product team. Mihir is an ASHRAE member and co-author of the ASHRAE position document on Climate Change.




Lunch sponsored by Mechanical Solutions Indiana

Dinner sponsored by Windy City Representatives

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