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March 21, 2024 Chapter Meeting

Pathogen Control

Ultraviolet light in the ‘C’ band is referred to as’ germicidal light’ because of its ability to inactivate and neutralize biological contamination of air, water, and surfaces. This presentation will provide an overview of the fundamentals of installing germicidal light to accomplish two primary objectives; neutralizing airborne virus, bacteria, and mold (airborne pathogens) for improved indoor air quality, and eliminating biological surface contamination within AHU’s / cooling coils to increase energy efficiency and address decarbonization.

We will discuss the new ASHRAE Standard 241 Standard,’ Control of Infectious Aerosols’. The 241 standard establishes minimum requirements for reducing the risk of disease transmission through exposure to infectious aerosols in buildings (infection Risk Management Mode, or IRMM), and heavily relies on the use of both in-duct and upper air germicidal UV fixtures.

Speaker Info

David Skelton is the owner / President, Evergreen UV LLC, manufacturer of Lumalier UV air and surface disinfection products. David is the Past Chair of the ASHRAE TC2.9 Committee for UV Air and Surface Disinfection. He is a current voting member on the ASHRAE GPC-37 UVC Upper Air Committee; past member of ASHRAE SPC185, UVC Test Standards Committee; ASHRAE seminar speaker, SME and peer-reviewer for IAQ and Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation paper submissions; and serves as a UL Standards Technical Panel Member.



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