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May 15 and 16, 2024 Chapter Meeting

Scheduling Note

The dinner will be on WEDNESDAY May 15 instead of Thursday.  The lunch meeting will be on THURSDAY as usual.

Displacement Ventilation for Classrooms

For decades, hundreds of schools throughout the US have been applying displacement induction ventilation with the QLCI diffuser.  Join us to learn how and why this technology checks so many of the boxes critical to classroom ventilation design for proven year-round better IAQ.

This presentation will clarify design concepts between the predominant ventilation types compared to operational characteristics of displacement induction ventilation.  By applying displacement induction ventilation in occupied spaces such as classrooms, designers, architects and owners will recognize the following:

  1. Improved IAQ through increased ventilation effectiveness (contaminant removal effectiveness) as defined in ASHRAE 62.1
  2. Improved thermal comfort for students and staff
  3. Improved acoustics due to no additional air moving devices in the zone
  4. Decreased maintenance due to no moving parts in the zone
  5. Increased system efficiencies and utility savings versus comparable systems

Speaker Info

Our speaker will be Einar Frobom.  

Einar K. Frobom, PE, MBA; is a Partner and Director of Sales and Marketing for Carson Solutions.  With nearly three decades of HVAC related experience, his background in engineering and sales ranges from custom air handler design incorporating energy recovery, moisture transfer media, complex custom refrigeration systems, and enhanced IAQ solutions.  Currently he’s educating designer and end users on the system benefits of improved design strategies utilizing displacement ventilation and chilled beam or induction technology.  Einar holds a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering and a Masters of Business Administration, both from the University of Minnesota.  He is also a licensed Professional Engineer within the state of Minnesota

Dinner (May 15)

Lunch (May 16)

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